Happy Birthday

My pregnancy with Little Girl faced all sorts of complications….  horrible, horrible morning sickness, gestational diabetes, and IUGR just to name a few. Because of all of the issues, it was decided that we would try to induce at a one day shy of 39 weeks. That’s what Ridiculous Dad and I were planning on… Of course what we failed to remember when having a baby is that it’s their show, not yours. At my last appointment with my MFM it was decided that Little Girl wasn’t growing as well as she should have been and she needed to come out. My induction was bumped up to the next day, putting it at 38.1 weeks.

We were both really nervous. Up to that point her actually making her appearance hadn’t felt real, knowing that it was actually going to happen was a major “oh crap” moment for me. We had a whole list of things we had been planning on doing that weekend that suddenly got tossed out the window. So we tried to pick the most important things that needed to be done and crammed them into one short evening. A nice thing we were able to do was to get mani/pedis together. It was important to us to cherish those last few minutes as a childless couple before we embraced or new kind of normal.

I’ll write another post later going into more detail about the induction, it ultimately ended up being a c-section. That wasn’t really in my birth plan, however, every step of the way during the pregnancy I was constantly reminded that I could plan all I wanted, however, there was very little I could do to control my own pregnancy.

Little Girl finally made her arrival and it was pretty magical. It really is a one of a kind unique experiences. There’s not much else to compare it to and I feel like words could never adequately paint a picture of all of the love and emotion you experience in that moment that your child, something you created from essentially nothing is placed in your arms.

My mother in law asked me if Little Girl looked how I imagined she would. I never really imagined or pictured anything specific, but even then, she looks more amazing and beautiful than I could have hoped for.

Even though it was a roller coaster day, all in all her delivery ended up being a happy birth day indeed.






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