First Appointment

Ahhhh! It’s here! After a three week wait, I have my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound in about an hour. I slept so poorly last night. I actually had a dream that they did the ultrasound, and there was nothing there. That this whole time I haven’t been pregnant and that all of the symptoms I’ve been having were a product of my own mind. I told mom about it this morning and she laughed and told me welcome to parenthood.


I’m so nervous. For me, this has felt real for the past few weeks with extreme nausea and exhaustion. I know for Ridiculous Dad it probably doesn’t feel all of that real to him yet. I’m hoping to hear a heartbeat and see our little baby. I’m more than likely going to cry. This is something we’ve wanted for awhile now and to know it’s actually happening is surreal.






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