Coffee Shop Fail

Let’s talk about the time that RidiculousDad had a coffee shop fail.

A little background, I make my own wipes. You can read more about making your own wipes here. They’re cheaper and more organic than buying them. I have this Skip Hop Wipe Carrier┬áthat I use when we’re out on the go.

Both of us are in the very end stages of completing our masters, so we spend A LOT of time at coffee shops. Our current favorite one is an old house that’s been converted. It’s really cute and cozy and has some different rooms so we can come with Little Girl and tuck ourselves away in a corner and not really disturb the other people.

Earlier today while we were there RD took LG for a diaper change. When he came back he told me we were out of wipes and as I’m trying to ask him how the heck are we out, I JUST filled it up packed full of wipes, he says here you need to take LG I’ll be back. And pushes her into my arms and rushes back to the restroom.

Uh… okay that’s weird.

When he finally comes back the truth comes out. In a hushed tone, he went on to tell me that while he was changing LG, he thought he closed the wipe case, but when he was gathering everything up to go he grabbed it by the strap and it wasn’t closed. ALLLLLL of the wipes fell out…. straight into the toilet. So he brought her to me and rushed back to fish them all out of the toilet before someone got in there.


OOOPS! We both learned a lesson today, he learned to make sure that the wipes case is closed before picking it up, and I learned that I need to start keeping extra wipes in the car because now we’re out and about with no wipes!





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