DIY Baby Wipes

Before LittleGirl ever even made her appearance, I had done all of my research and knew that cloth diapers weren’t for me. I don’t have the dedication or patience required to cloth diaper. I’m just not that crunchy. But I did find that making my own wipes was a great […]

A New Kind of Normal

Ever since high school, I have always worked some combination of working while going to school full time, working multiple jobs at a time, or working one job that required more hours/involvement than typical 9-5 jobs. Prior to having Little Girl, I worked full time at a job where I honestly […]

Happy Birthday

My pregnancy with Little Girl faced all sorts of complications….  horrible, horrible morning sickness, gestational diabetes, and IUGR just to name a few. Because of all of the issues, it was decided that we would try to induce at a one day shy of 39 weeks. That’s what Ridiculous Dad […]